TKW Award winnaar: Beste BDSM Event 2017


Amystique is an privé femdom feest voor mensen met een open geest en de drang om echte Meesteressen te dingen. Het is een echt speelfeest de Meesteressen zullen dan ook met alle aanwezige subs spelen. Je moet gewoon jezelf zijn, praat met de mensen om je geen en geniet van de femdom avond.

Datum volgende Amystique:



48 Reacties op Amystique

  1. The best Femdom bdsm party ever , I will definitely join all the Amystique party Eu and Asia.
    Thank you Mistress Saintlawrence for the wonderful event.

  2. I have attended the first Amystique event 2011 it was my first event that open up my desires to be active with bdsm with the guidance of the legend Mistress Saintlawrence and since then I join all the Amystique parties .
    Thank you very much!

  3. The best Femdom bdsm party I have ever attended my first and from then attending all Amystique parties . EuroAsian Mistresses are the best combination!
    Thank you Mistress Saintlawrence.

  4. Best party ever. Mistress Saint Lawrence is a complete professionals and knows intuitively knows what is required to make such an event exciting and full of fantasies

  5. The event is what we expect to be a true bdsm event with Real Mistresses dealing with a real submissive and slaves , so far this is the best I have encountered . Thank you for organizing such.

  6. I was in The Hague party last year and it was an eyenopener for me and have experienced the most amazing moments never to be forgotten and from then on I had been active. Thank you!

  7. I had been a student of Ms.M (Saintlawrence) and because of her I had been travelling all over the world following her footstep! And enjoying the Amystique the true FEMDOM EVENT!

  8. FEMDOM is part of my throbbing, musical creative heart am glad to share with hot intense fumegating lava as well with icy clold frozen eles and mixed feelings running wildly in our veins, the dominant princesses and my literary captivated ones.

    bless them bossy CAMELOT’s miladies

  9. I had my chance to meet the dangerous sadistic amazing Mistress Saintlawrence in Prague and joined her awesome private party . She and her friends indeed fantastic!

  10. I enjoyed every minute of the hard and soft play! wonderful event. First time I have experienced from my 20 years in Bdsm such a combination of everything! Thank you very much!

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