What Sex Positions Do Asian Cams Love?

Media recommends the most popular diets, effective exercise, and many other ways to improve physical health. The Firecams sex chat offers something much more fun than carb counting and a weekly workout schedule. We have a list of the best sex positions that will help you improve your physical shape and health as well.

You may be wondering: what does this have to do with sex cams, since everything is contactless online anyway? In a private show, both models and members masturbate using a variety of sex toys and a variety of positions, too! We asked our hot Asian cam sex models about their favorite poses and this is what they answered: the pleasure of this or that technique of penetration is a very individual matter. We prepared for you a very short overview of our girls’ favorite sex positions. Check them out, and then go back to the chat where real miracles await you!


If you are looking for interesting positions for penetration, try this: the man stands near a table or a windowsill, slightly bending his knees to a comfortable angle. The woman sits on the edge of the support and throws her legs over her lover’s shoulders. This pose is only suitable if the girl has good flexibility! Fortunately, that’s not a problem for our sexy Asian models.


This position resembles a jigsaw at first sight, but it’s not that complicated! The man lies on his side and bends his leg at the knee, leaning on his hands. The woman is positioned in the same way but facing her partner, then wraps her legs around the man’s body. He throws the other bent leg over the woman’s waist, placing it on his knee.


Unusual positions in sex still rely on a few basic key positions. The Lock is a simplified V: instead of placing her legs on the partner’s shoulders, the lady wraps them around the man’s buttocks, leaning back on her arms, which makes this position nice and comfortable.

Throne of the Mistress

The partner lies on his back and pulls his legs up to the chin. The mistress sits on top, legs bent at the knees resting on the bed. She can hold the man’s wrists and lean on them to keep balance. If you’re lucky, you can see an Asian cam model do this with her boyfriend!


Very convenient for a table or any high horizontal surface. The woman lies on her back and throws her legs around her partner’s neck. He stands next to the table and holds the lady by the buttocks.


The partner stands with his back to the bed, holding the girl by the buttocks to the level of her pelvis, while she hugs the man around the neck and rests her feet or toes against the surface of the bed. This position requires good endurance and a surface for the support that matches the height of the partners.


This is a simple but very cute pose where the girl does not need to balance or perform gymnastics. The woman lies on her side, curling into a ball, and the guy settles down behind, spooning her body.

Tiger`s Fun

The guy lays on his back so that his bent legs are on the floor. The woman sits down on top, spreading her legs to the sides as much as possible, back to her partner. It will be very convenient for her to caress the partner’s scrotum and control the depth and speed of penetration.

Sweet Captivity

The girl lies on her back, bends and lifts her legs up. The lover sits down beside her, lifting her hips with his hands.

Dolphin Games

The man kneels, the woman hugs his pelvis with her legs, lifts her body, and moves as close as possible. The lover helps her by supporting her hips with her hands; the main support in this position lies on the forearms.


The partner kneels, the girl also kneels facing him. Great for those who love kissing and hugging during sex.

Deep Pleasure

This position needs a low chair or a bed. The girl stands facing it and leans on her intertwined arms, while her legs are straight. The man is behind her. The position is very good for deep penetration but requires good flexibility.

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