No Escape – Part l

He felt the soft touch of Her lips on his ear. The warmth of Her breath sent chills up and down his spine. He felt confused and intoxicated. Maybe She had put something in his drink? Or maybe not. Maybe it was just the heady cocktail of his hormones which made his body and mind feel like this. He felt so weak. He felt so helpless. She blindfolded him. She bound his wrists firmly with a rope, put him under Her control. He felt the ropes pulling at his wrists. Did he feel pain? Was he scared? What did he feel? Drops of sweat dripped from his forehead. He could not move. He could not see. He was unable to speak. He was totally under Her control. Under Her power.

He could not see Her. He could not read Her thoughts. But he could be sure that She knew exactly what She was doing. She has a reason. He felt Her warmth, he smelt Her perfume, he could hear the sharp click of Her spiked heels as She walked around his helpless and tied-up body. The sound of Her steps were intoxicating. She was exciting and She was frightening. How could She be so beautiful and so scary and dangerous all at the same time.

He loved Her. He was fascinated by Her. She was his idol. His Goddess. He worshiped Her. Her presence was hypnotic. A mysterious and beautiful Woman. She was his sweetest dream and his darkest nightmare all at once. She was his darkest secret. His secret dream. Nobody knew about their relationship. Nobody knew he was Her slave. In public she looked so vanilla. So helpless. But, She was a strong Woman. And he was just a weak man. He was a nobody. A nobody in Her eyes. She could have many men if She wanted to. She chose him. He tried to understand Her. He tried to be there for Her all the time. He realized that his life lost all sense without Her. He stopped living. He refused to live without Her. He had no life on his own. He was nothing. His life has never had a reason, or purpose, until he found Her.

He lived for Her. For Her wishes. For Her pleasure. For Her enjoyment. Nobody would understand it. Nobody would understand this special bond. This relationship. He could not stop his thoughts. They were like a thousand knives inside his head, attacking his brain. He felt a thousand thoughts racing through his mind. He felt the warmth, he felt his sweat. Struggling with himself, or maybe he stopped to struggle.

How could he ever struggle. How could he ever resist Her. She was his dream. She was his, but he did not own Her. She was a young and independent Woman. He could not stop Her even if he tried. He was too weak. He was too weak to resist Her. It was an impossible fight. He sat there. On the floor. Tied. Bound. Broken. Alone. So far away from reality. So far away from the world. The outside world ceased to exist. It didn’t matter anymore. His world had a different name now. His world now had a new name, a new reality, and new rules.

He lost his name. He lost his identity. He lost his past. He did not need it anymore. How could he even be sure that the life he had lived before this was even real. She was his new reality now. She gave him a new life. She gave him a new name. She gave him a new purpose. Something more. Something he had never imagined before. Something difficult to describe. He did not own his life. She owned it now. She gave him a new life. A new purpose.

He felt drunk. Intoxicated by Her power. He was drunk from his love towards Her. It was a different sort of love. It was an addiction. She was his addiction. He could not escape Her even if he wanted to. He was addicted to Her. He belonged to Her. His body, his soul. His heart beat only for Her. He lived only for Her. He bled for Her. He suffered for Her. Did he ever think about it? Was it insane? Did he have any right to protest? Did he have any rights at all. Protest against what? Protest against being happy? He knew She was his destiny, his fate. She was his new reality. She was his life.

He felt Her warmth, he felt the warmth of Her body, the warmth of Her breath. He felt lost in Her control. He felt Her power. He felt Her hair on his body. He felt Her gentle touch, he felt Her. Was he scared of the feelings he had towards Her? He was helpless. He could not stop. Was it pure insanity? He didn’t know. All he knew is that he wanted nothing else but to belong to Her.

Written by: LongnailsQueen

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