Noblesse✶Oblige creative team (Amsterdam)

Noblesse✶Oblige is a creative team working in close consultation with it’s guests, based on 25 years of experience.

We have this Imagination, this gift, the artistic taste and the know how to create magical fetish and SM experiences, as well as special moonlight rituals. Ask for it.

All creations are realised in authentic locations. At the beginning of the  procedure, the status quo of your fetishes is estimated and developed in a bespoke manner.

The team is connected with international young adult performers of various disciplines of fetish, SM, Sound and Art at all times.

The prework is the main focus.

The « miseen place » is the prework necessary before every performance at Noblesse✶Obligetakes place. It is a crucial factor in the quality of the Performance. In order to complete the process, we work with a checklist sent to every guest at the beginning of the booking procedure.

Each member becomes an individual costume and a fetish package based on the Checklist they filled in and the consultation.

Noblesse Oblige works exclusively with suppliers that offer best contemporary equipment in latex, leather, tools and accessories.

In addition, Noblesse✶Obligeteam includes passionate researchers and collectors of erotic/fetishart who are always happy to support and grow with the artist.

If you are one, send your portfolio to:

 the matically artistic background is required.

bookings / further information: