Gedicht van Mrs Sophie: Yes Mistress

You’ve been thinking about me again, haven’t you my pet ?
Following me on the internet since the day we met.
Those dirty thoughts, they will suffer you.
Allowing me to crawl under your skin.
no one knows what you have been through.
Only me you will let in.

Your twisted little kinks, your fetishes and desires.
Knowing I am the only one for you, the one you admire.
The dark place you are in, with those secrets no one knows.
Maybe I will stroke your body or let you touch my toes

Now you’re itching for it, you know you need to be told.
asking me if you’re allowed to release, knowing you’re completely owned.
Yes my little pet you’re allowed to cum for domina, over and over again.
Untill I tell you to stop, even though you didn’t wanted it to end.
you’re hopeless without my direction, like an addict without his dope.
I have become medicine to your sickness,

I AM your only hope.

– Mistress Sophie Enschede

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