Deadly Red

Touchless Corner, a hallway for the underground world of witchery and sadism. The path was created by ancient magical women, who were known to be fearless and dark. Nobody knew the real stories behind these women. The town was convinced they were witches. They enjoyed wearing black hoods and hid their lips. The true legend of these women was a mystery.

The main purpose of the covenant was to keep their lives a secret. No one really understood them, so of course they were called witches and a cult. The town never spoke of them except for whispers and through the stories – legends that were passed on from generation to generation.

These group of women were experts in hypnosis, magical potions and tarot reading, and they fed on the sexual souls of a male in submission. They enchanted their preys and hunted them naked through the woods. The ritual protocol was to target a man as prey and hunt them for days. They would find out their hobbies, work, and taste in women. They did everything in their power to get closer to the victim. Once they did, they picked the best female resembling the man’s cravings and needs. The hunt was an orgasmic act and a way to seduce and offer their sexual desires to their Gods – what they called the Gods of Element. The covenant of women called themselves “Deadly Red”. I never knew why, until one day, I was spotted.

Spotted meant that a woman in the group finds you interesting and desirable. She would hunt you as she did a man but instead of wanting to use you for their pleasure, they would want to seduce you to join the kinship. It was a scary and beautiful thing. The experience I had was the first time I felt wanted and desired. The bonus was that they were women who wanted the freedom of a life with men under their control.

I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was wearing a black pencil skirt with a white blouse and mary-jane heels. It was my favorite outfit. I was at a public bookshop looking into spiritual books, I had a taste for them. It was my thing. That day, a Thursday night almost 8 pm, I was feeling followed. I did ignore it for a long time and figured it was my active imagination.

The store owner walked up to me and patted my shoulders letting me know I had 10 minutes before closing time. I was ready to decide on a few books, yet my focus was still scattered and the feeling of being followed was growing stronger. I was uncomfortable, so I decided to walk toward the counter. I asked the cashier quietly if anyone was behind me. Of course, she smiled, “besides a pile of books you mean?” she giggled with a sarcastic tone. “Very funny” I whispered. “There you go, at least take my money without a joke. I guess I am a bit freaked out after reading the Book of Shadows. Anyway, thanks and good night”.

I walked out of the store feeling a bit silly and the only thing I could do is smile. Luckily, I had my iPod and could listen to some music on my way home. The feeling of being followed was gone and I was happy just cruising the streets.

All a sudden, I tripped and my books were spilled all over the place “DAMN IT” I screamed. “I am so stupid, what is going on with me today” I grunted. I pushed myself up realising there were a pair of beautiful Manolo Blahnik heels facing me. “Wow,” I said impressed, “those are beautiful”. I couldn’t help but gaze up and look at the person wearing the most amazing heels, I’ve ever seen. The face was a bit of a blur, but I was able to see that her lips were covered. I was so curious, I studded up and brushed off my skirt, then walked up to her. I was then able to see her hazelnut eyes with olive colour skin. She was breathtaking. The mystery woman was suddenly trying to guide me, she extended her hand and said, “come” and just like that she was holding my hand and leading me along.

I was completely seduced and I willingly grabbed hold of her hand tightly. Right after that my mouth started rambling asking all sorts of questions, “Who are you? Why are your lips covered? Have you been following me by any chance? Because if you were, let me tell you it is not cool to be following people like that….” I spoke in a quick and nervous manner and she stopped me with her index finger on my lips. I was intrigued and really wanted to see where she would take me. It felt dangerous but also an adventure. A black limo rolled in front of us and a driver who looked hypnotised opened the door for us. I remember thinking, beautiful woman is now leading me into a limousine and I have no idea where or what is going to happen to me.

My mind was now going through a million thoughts per minute and thinking that this could be the end for me. I was so stupid for getting into a stranger’s car and not even asking where she was taking me. I was feeling like all my nerves were getting the best of me. “Let me out, I can’t do this, this is crazy,” I said nervously. She whispered, “stay calm little one”. The next thing I know she is climbing on my legs and removing her lip mask to kiss me. Her lips were sweet and plump it was like kissing a peach. I wanted more of it, but after a few soft bites, my vision went dark and my eyes started closing and feeling extremely heavy.

I was feeling groggy and slightly thirsty, and then for what seemed like a second later, I found myself waking up slowly in a comfortable large bed. The linings were silk and candles were used to light up the room. I couldn’t remember how I got there, but I knew it had something to do with that kiss. Screaming was not an option, I had no idea who I was dealing with and I figured if I was sleeping in a silky beautiful bed, I was either lunch or someone wanted sexy time, which after the kiss I was not all that opposed to.

The doors of the room were pushed opened and two women wearing black hoods walked in. They grabbed my arms gently and walked me through a tunnel. It was decorated with red roses and pearls. Incense was invading my scent and the place was warm and humid. At the end of the tunnel, there was a group of women sitting with their lips covered except for one. They all stared at me with eyes of joy. Yes, I know it sounds strange, but that is what I felt.

“Welcome beautiful dove, to the Touchless Corner, we are secretive, beautiful and powerful amongst a world surrounded by commoners. Today, you have been chosen to be one of us, the Queens of the streets, the Goddess of the earth and the light that will dominate whoever has a worthless cock to give us a great laugh. I am Sabrina, the leader of this pack, we travel together and we hunt as one, you are present today because my kitten here Lily wanted you. She has been following you for months and I do know you felt it. Yes, oh, yes, you have the intuition we need for this group to emerge from the shadows of weakness.”

Sabrina continued addressing me in front of the court of women and shared what would be my role in the covenant. “Today, we have prayed to the Gods of Element, and put your name forward to be the new member, of course, you can say no, to this calling, however, once you agree, your devotion will be sealed and never questioned again. Traditionally, we sacrifice a submissive fresh male to bond you with your sisters and myself to the family. No need to worry, we found the victim, he is a young executive, who always dreamt to be used by a woman, but sadly for him was so wrapped up in his pathetic self-absorbed life to even dare to live up to his potential. But not anymore! Today, his purpose will be to join you to this magnificent family.”

Drums began to be pounded and the women stood up from their chairs looking toward the east where the door was unlocked with the anticipation of someone coming in. It was the man, naked and sweaty. He seemed tired and almost drugged. I felt for him for a minute, but the ritual quickly started and the feeling I had changed and was directed to Sabrina with joy. She was grand and elegant wearing a sheer dress with long sleeves and a trail that will drag on the floor making her look like she was floating instead of walking. Sabrina stood on the rock that made up a stage and open her arms towards the sky praying in Latin to the gods, while the man was placed on a Saint Andrew’s cross.

“Stop!” said Sabrina with authority, “We are here today to welcome a new member to our covenant, the gods have spoken, the unity of the family will be complete when the chosen one whips the submissive hard enough to drag a drip of blood. Once, this blood has been exposed we will take it and mix it with our lip potion and convert the lips of our new member into anaesthetic numbing lips forever.” Sabrina looked at me and said “you will always wear this potion and this submissive will forever be yours to be used. Now, do you accept to be part of this secret membership?” I walked up to the stage and nodded saying yes with a shaky voice.

Sabrina continues in Latin, “Deus elements tuis et ligare ipsam hanc sume in perpetuum, et dabo tibi munera. These are the words we proclaimed to you and will always repeat after this offer, she is now part of us and we are part of you”. Sabrina pauses and keeps silent for a few minutes before starting the ceremony. There was a whip with a gold handle, which was passed from woman to woman. Each member kissed the whip before passing it to Sabrina. This ritual was called the lucky numb, which meant that the victim might feel some numbness in some part of his body during the whipping, which will allow him to take it for longer. It was time to finalise the ritual and I had to walk up to get the whip and start the solemn rite.

My body felt aroused and I could feel my entire skin building up an orgasm. It was a feeling I never had before. The women in the room were all getting naked and getting ready to see how I whipped the submissive prey. The moan from the women was slowly building up and this made me feel the urge to whip him with more intensity and drive. My arms and body started to move and strike the whip on his back, slowly and steadily until he also started to moan and feel aroused. The room was getting warm and sweat was running down my spine. It took only a few minutes to start whipping with all my force. Drums in the background began to play loud as each strike hit the skin. The women touched themselves and moaned louder enjoying the ceremony. The heat was coming from inside our pussies, the sense of internal desire, passion and power. It was just arousing.

I was no longer thinking about the drop of blood. I was in trance and seduced by the ambience. It took a shout from Sabrina “Stop! the blood is flowing and we need to harvest it, you!” calling a slave, “kneel and grab every drop, we will need plenty. Please, women, indulge, don’t stop yourself, we will continue with our lip potion. While I am gone, get the new girl and experience a group orgasm” Sabrina finished and walked away with a smile.

The room seemed filled with women wanting to feel my skin and body, fingers and hairs running across my nipples and lips without kissing me. Everything was rhythmic and seductive and my body just felt the orgasm of all at once. The magic of a group heat and the harmony of the family, made me feel at home. It took only a few minutes before Sabrina was back in the room. I was still on the ground covered by women,pulling my nipples and rubbing my skin. This didn’t stop her from getting close to me and rubbing the potion on my lips. The liquid was burning a bit but also feeling hard on my lips it was almost coating them and sealing them hard. The feeling was not pleasant.

Sabrina decided to also get naked after her job was done and dragged the sub away from the cross forcing him to kneel before me. She grabbed his hair and pulled him into me, forcing him to kiss me deeply. This kiss made him fall asleep over my chest and while asleep she told me that I was free to use him as I wanted to. The anaesthesia only affected the upper part of his body, but his cock was usable and his asshole was open for anything I wanted. He was my male doll. While holding him up, she locks a silver collar onto his neck with my name on it and placed him between my legs. She smiles and rubbed my nipples finally saying, “congratulations and welcome to your new life”. Since then, I have been part of the Deadly Reds and loving every minute of it.

Are you being followed?

Domina Orchid

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