Eternal Worship (foot fetish)

Travelling was always part of my work and it took over my life. This meant I was always at the airport flying somewhere and everything just seemed blurry and unreal. Something did change one day and yes … it was at the airport. I went through security, passed the alarmed check and was standing next to the belt waiting for my work laptop and luggage.


Next to me there was a blonde, petite woman, wearing light stockings matching her skin and I just looked down on her dress, legs and then feet. I was actually quite aroused by her feet and I was not quite sure why. She could have been a size 32 maybe, I am not quite sure, I have never been a foot person, but that day for some reason, I was. She was cute, very conservative, she looked submissive to me. Again, I was not sure what to think of her. I, on the other hand, was quite intrigued by the erection I was feeling and the sudden sense that I wanting her naked.


She smiled at me while we were waiting for the luggage and of course, the idea of talking to her was out of the question and we were probably going to different destinations. It was all bad timing, I suppose. It was time to go, grab my items and like every other citizen travelling for work, I grabbed a coffee the Financial Times and deodorant, which I seem to leave every time I am travelling. There was still 30 minutes before boarding time and reading the paper was quite an exquisite habit; a joy with a black coffee. It did take some time before lifting up my sight and see who was sitting next to me and it was her! Yes, the petite woman with beautiful nude looking feet.


“Excuse me”, I said without being too creepy, “Did I just see you while we were in that horrible line at security?” She looked at me with a smile and said “yes” with an accent I quite didn’t recognise. “I see, well thank you for the smile, would you mind if I talked to while we wait. I don’t mean to disturb you”. “Yes, of course” she replied with a gentle tone. “Are you travelling for business or pleasure?” I asked sarcastically. “Business,” she said and continued “I am travelling to Prague. I am a fashion analyst and well I do have to tend to go to Prague from time to time. What about you?”


It took me a few minutes before answering the question, I was astonished she just told me more about herself than expected. I guess I was not the only businessman feeling lonely. So, I decided to grace her with the same courtesy and be open as to what I did and where I was going, confessing I was too travelling to Prague. “Well, it seems it is my lucky day, I am also headed to Prague for business, but unfortunately I am not as interesting as you, my job is money”. I smirked and paused, “It seems we are boarding soon and I would be quite interested in having a drink with you in such a beautiful city. Are you interested? Yes, I am a stranger but a charming one I hope” I chuckled.


She extended her hand for a shake and said her name was Diane. “Nice to meet you, Diane, my name is Robert, … the pleasure is all mine”. It was then time to travel and we both grabbed our things and parted ways. I was sitting in first class, so she was able to see me sit while walking by with a cute smile. This flight was short and it was exciting. I was thinking about her feet, something I never thought could possibly happen to me. I laughed at myself a couple of times and made sure not to stand up with a hard-on during this flight.


The flight was smooth and the captain was announcing our arrival to Prague. It was my time to asked for her number and make sure I meet her for a drink and learn more about Diane. I was desperate. So, I waited for her right outside the plane tunnel. I figured two things could happen, she believes I am crazy or amazingly cute. I was hoping for the latter. I saw her golden hair and realised she was smiling. Hurray! I made her smile, which means, we might have time for a drink.


She walked by me and handed over her business card without saying a word. Before I had enough time to grab it, she was already walking away and barely had time to catch the card. It was handwritten and she wrote “Robert, it was nice meeting you, I am staying at the Hilton Hotel close to the centre and will be happy to meet you for drinks tomorrow at 6:00 pm. Call me on my cellphone and I will meet you at the hotel. Warmly, Diane”.


It was a great moment. My first airport pickup. I didn’t know what to say, but I was certain that I will need to get closer to her again and find out what this obsession with her feet is.


The following day was here. It had been intense … long working hours, but a lot of networking with clients and I was ready to meet Diane. I pulled the card out of my pocket and gave her a call. She sounded happy and willing to meet me. I was still surprised, yet looking forward to a drink, wondering what might happen. The Hilton hotel was actually 5 minutes away from my apartment, yet instead of inviting her over, I decided I will play her field. After all, I am looking to ask her about her feet. Quite odd, I know!


Meeting Diane was even more exciting than I imaged. She had a blue vintage dress with mid-level high heels, not hiding her height and again her nude stocking. It took a lot of baseball thoughts to avoid feeling that same erection I had felt when we were at security the day before. She walked over to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek, smiling and glowing. It was officially a date. She made a reservation for dinner and made sure to arrange the night. “Diane?” I questioned, “It seems you have done this before or am I special?” She chuckled and replied “Robert, honestly no, it is indeed my first time, but I wanted company and I think we like each other so why to waste time. I am sure you will be travelling home soon and so will I, I want to know why you are so interested in my feet?”. It took me a minute before I spit out the sip of water I was taking before our drinks arrived. “Excuse me??!?”.


“Yes, don’t be shocked, I have noticed how you looked at them and in fact, this is why I agreed to a date. I figured a man who is looking at my feet rather than my tits, would probably not want to rape me” she laughed. I was stunned but there was nothing I could deny.


Everything about the date was shocking from that point onwards. I was embarrassed and blown away by her directness. I couldn’t speak, my eloquence when down the drain. “Oh! it is alright, Robert, I understand if you are getting a bit shy now, but I think we should go to my room and we can talk more then?” she said.


My head was just nodding, it was impossible to express anything that moment and I were just hoping she didn’t mind. She got up the table first and walked towards the elevator. Told me to wait and go to room 305. I had to ask the waiter for a shot – some courage for this kind of thing. I was a novice so it seemed. After two shots of bourbon, I stood up and walked to the elevator. I had no condoms with me, no idea what will happen and the only thought was her feet.


I am here room 305. I swallowed nervously and knocked on her door. “Diane” I whispered. She opened the door wearing her stockings and robe. It was a beautiful silky robe. She was ready for a night of romance and I just wanted to run, because for a moment I thought this could be a setup. “Come in, Robert, welcome, please have a seat”.


“Diane, I” she covered my lips and hushed me saying it was alright, to just sit back and watch her. That is just what I did. Diane started to rub her feet together, make them touch and rub each other seductively. She used the balls of her feet to twist and pretend she was squeezing something, spreading her little toes open. There was nothing more erotic at the time. She could see my hard on and I was just drooling watching her dance and move her toes. It was heaven.


“Do you want to touch them?” she said, without a word I ran towards her and started massaging her feet, smelling them and licking them deeply. Every second was arousing and my mouth was drooling all over her stocking. She giggled a few times and moaned. So, I knew this was something she was interested in. I wanted her feet inside my mouth and rubbed all over my face. I was still dressed and she was never exposed besides her silhouette and wonderful legs and toes. “Robert” she whispered, “lay down on the floor”.


There was no refusal to her ask and I did just that lay and wait for her feet to rub me once more. She stood over my face and slowly rolled down her stockings. Allowing me to peek between her legs, just enough to see her wetness all over her panties. She raised a leg and pulled off free a foot and rubbed it across my face and fucked my mouth until I was moaning. It was so intense, I had to cum. I couldn’t stop myself. Diane of course laughed but didn’t stop there. She walked across my body, tiptoeing and making me feel her toes. She walked all the way to my cock, sitting on my chest and wanking me with her feet.


I could only hear her heavy breathing and her panties getting wetter. She pulls my cock out of my trousers and jerked me off quietly. There is nothing to be said, and again I was not able to contain myself and the orgasm just flushed out. It was deep and hard and it was the most grandiose feeling I have had in months. After feeling tired and drained empty, she walked over me again back to my face and forces me to lick her toes with all my cum. “Robert, lick my toes clean, one by one and after you are done, you will lick the back of my feet”. I was questioning how would it be possible to be aroused by this, but there was nothing I could do with my urge. I did as she asked and licked her toes. It was immediate.


An erection was part of the game and I was breathing heavily again, I wanted more of what she could offer just on her toes. After licking the back of her feet, I asked her if she felt comfortable watching me jerk off over them. She giggled yet agreed. The only requirement was that I had to drool over her toes before cumming and then I was allowed. It was easy. I drooled the minute I saw her small, cute toes, I was salivating and wanting more. It took me only seconds to cum all over her feet and the carpet. “Clean me,” she said. It was music to my ears.


I was now on my knees with everything exposed, licking like a dog her feet and craving it like it was fresh honey. I lost myself and I just kept licking without realising she was touching herself and making herself cum, while I pleased her feet. She moaned and screamed, not allowing me to look up into her pussy, which was a mystery in itself. She came really hard and grabbed my tie having me crawl towards her chair. She sat and whispered, “Now, I need a carpet”. So, I am pulled down to her feet facing her and she covers my face with her wonderful touch. Her feet were wet and soft from my licking.


That day was the day, I knew my erection from her feet was only the beginning of true happiness.

Domina Orchid

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